Necromancer Notes: Ghostbusters

Tallon: Hey Marcus, I hear you went to see the new Ghostbusters last night. What did you think?

Marcus: <glowers>

Tallon: You think they treat vampires any better? Least you get some cool gear and nukes. Sparkle in the daylight….Jesus, Mary, and Joseph…

Hagatha: <snickers> We all know why Cousin Marcus went to the movies…

Melanie: Hey, Ghostbusters was hilarious. Holtzmann reminded me of someone…

Marcus: <gives her a look>

Melanie: <giggles>

Hagatha: What?

Tallon: She’s a mad scientist with funky hair and goggles….crazier than a shithouse rat

Hagatha: I resemble that remark

Tallon: So, Marcus, do you think anyone has depicted necromancers fairly in literature?

Marcus: You think I read fiction?

Melanie: I kind of like Curtis Donovan

Tallon: This is going to be some kind of obscure Brit TV reference isn’t it?

Melanie: Yes, actually. He was in the first four seasons of Misfits on the Beeb’s Channel 4. He could change biological sex and resurrect the dead….

Hagatha: Was he cute?

Melanie: Both male and female actors were, actually.

Elise: So do you like any of the fae in popular media?

Melanie: Does Jareth count?

Every woman in there: Jareth always counts…

Marcus: He was a goblin
Melanie: If you’re going to get technical, then I’ll take the Wee Free Men from Terry Pratchett. Nac Mac Feegle is pretty cool.

Hagatha: I bet he’s going to look that up to see if he’s cute!

Melanie: Books are on my tablet….

Melanie: Tallon, what about vampires?

Tallon: Spike. I like the character. I love the name. Kat, who do you like?

HagathaKat: Who I’d like to kill is the woman who said vampires sparkle….

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