Necromancer Notes: THE ART OF TEA

(Setting: Elise, Marcus, Hagatha, Melanie, Kat and Tallon are sitting around a table. There are four tea pots protected by various cosies before the humans. Kat watches the tea-drinking process without comment. Tallon, who is still new to being a vampire, contemplates their preparations)

Tallon:   Four tea pots? You guys can’t drink the same thing? Or even share one pot of hot water?

Melanie: Nope

Tallon: What are you drinking? (When she pushes the cup his way with a smile, he takes a sip and coughs as the burn sets in) What the hell is this? Jet fuel?

Melanie: Cinnamon

Tallon: (Coughs, snorts, wipes eyes) Jesus, Mary, and Joseph….

Marcus: <chuckles>

Tallon: Hey, badass, I don’t see you drinking your lady’s brew

Marcus: (snaps his fingers and a tea cup magically appears before them. He then pours a bit of his tea into it and proffers it to Tallon without a word, though the corners of his mouth are quirking)

Melanie: (snickers)

Tallon: (sniffs) Oh hell, whatever tastebuds I had were….

Marcus: It’s Pu Erh mini Touchas

Tallon: (takes sip) I’m not even going to ask what poo ear mini tooshes means. It tastes like dirt…

Marcus:   It’s the most healthful tea. It’ll help clean out your system.

Tallon: That’s what’s kept you alive for centuries? Dude, it’s not worth it.

Melanie: (snickers)

Tallon: Elise, you’re the sane one. What have you got?

Elise: Cinnamon

Melanie: <snickers> She didn’t put red hots in hers, though

Hagatha: Here, this’ll clear your palate

Tallon: It’s green….

Hagatha: What? You’re drinking theirs and not mine?

Tallon: (sips) Holy hell, it’s tea and absinthe…

Hagatha: I’ve been experimenting…

EliseMarcus, Elise, Melanie: (in unison) What could possibly go wrong?

Tallon: I think I’m seeing unicorns….

Hagatha: (looks at tea cup as Tallon sprouts fang and commences to dance and sing) There might have been some cannabis in there too…

Kat: (grabs her apprentice by the ear and drags him away through a magical Way. As the Way closes they hear her say) Teaches you to mess with humans.



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