Dog Stories

The Stars:
doc_smallDoc, Vampire-Hunting Dog
“Herding sheep and killing vampires before breakfast. It’s good to have a job.”

Brown Ghost Hunting DogBrown, Ghost-Hunting Dog
“They have a ghost problem, and I’m the dog for the job.”

Their Stories:

Doc, Vampire Hunting Dog


Doc, Vampire Hunting Dog


Amazon (Coming Soon)

Doc has everything a border collie could possibly wish for. Two humans he loves, sheep to herd every day, squirrels to chase… until one terrible night changes everything. A vampire kills his humans, banishing Doc to a sheep-less new life in the city.
Out for revenge, Doc has to hunt for clues while avoiding both the Stray Gang and the Catcher, all while keeping his quest a secret from his new human.
His luck finally changes when he finds a kitten named Mika, who reeks of vampire. Together with some two-legged help, Doc and Mika must track down and stop the vampires once and for all.


Brown, Ghost Hunting Dog
Brown Ghost Hunting Dog Createspace
Have a ghost problem? Brown is the dog for the job. Normally used to herd sheep, her Border Collie Eye works on ghosts, too. Follow her adventures as she and her human, Elliott, hunt ghosts all over the old west. They find their first real ghost in a saloon in Miller, Colorado, and from there her nose leads her to more adventures.

Brown fights ghosts on trains, boats, and in old mines. She discovers that some ghosts are friendly when she and Elliott need extra help fighting a magical construct. There may be friendly ghosts, but there are no friendly Martians, and Brown has to take the ultimate adventure to save Elliott from their nefarious clutches, meeting new friends along the way.

Packed full of adventure, this weird western anthology contains seven short stories and one never before published novella.

Brown Ghost Hunting Dog Volume 2
Now Available
browncoverJoin Brown and her friends for more adventures in this second collection of ghost hunting fun. When she’s not busy herding sheep, she uses her border collie eye to keep wayward spirits in line, whether it’s banishing ghosts or solving murders. From abandoned forts, to haunted hotels, with Brown’s nose for trouble she’s always the dog for the job. This collection has nine action filled short stories perfect for anyone who loves dogs or a ghostly tale.

Ghost Hunting Critters

critters_cover_full copy


These ghosts don’t stand a chance…

From the beginning of time to the distant future, special animals of all species have answered the call to fight evil.

From dogs and cats to birds, horses, even dinosaurs, and one unusual fish, these spirited tales of ghost hunting adventures will thrill and delight readers.

Sam Knight, Laura Hargis, Carol Hightshoe, J. D. Harrison, Shoshanah Holl, Rebecca McFarland Kyle, Jessica Brawner, Jamie Ferguson, Dana Bell, Boom Baumgartner, J. L. Zenor, and J. A. Campbell have come together in this anthology to contribute to J. A. Campbell’s Brown, Ghost Hunting Dog universe.


Short stories in various anthologies:

Camping Tails
The Moths of Miller Place

Doc and the Crash LandingThe Martian Anthology

Doc in Sheep Interrupted Amazon

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4 Responses to Dog Stories

  1. Mardel says:

    Can’t wait for the SciFi Brown. Love me some SciFi!

  2. It’s fun to write children’s books from a dog’s point of view.

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