Necromancer Notes: Interview with a Ghost

Elise: Since we’ve come out as necromancers, I thought perhaps we should talk about what a necromancer is. I primarily deal with ghosts…

Hagatha: Boring!

Elise: Hagatha, you’re a necromancer. What do you have against ghosts?

Hagatha: They’re bone-chilling cold. They constantly have some issues to resolve.

Elise: You have a degree in Psychology…

Hagatha: Right, therapy for the dead. They’re dead! It’s time to move on.

Elise: Ghosts can actually be useful. Like Slade.

Hagatha: Yeah, Slade’s cool. Got to figure out what makes him different so we can make more of him.

Elise: I’m almost afraid to ask, but why?

Hagatha: Well he keeps house for you, takes care of your dogs…

Elise: You’d turn ghosts like him into an unpaid servant?

Hagatha: Well, do you pay him?

Elise: ….

Hagatha: There’s my point
Elise: He could go any time he wants to. In the meantime, back to the original subject. Ghosts can be useful. They can provide a shield wall between you and whatever you’re fighting. It doesn’t hurt the dead. They can also provide a cushion if you have to leap from tall spaces. Or a sort of break from fire…

Hagatha: Doesn’t this hurt them?

Elise: Perhaps you should ask. You are a necromancer as well.

Hagatha: I hate summoning ghosts…Hey Slade!

Elise: That’s not how—hello, Slade

Hagatha: Whaddaya know, that worked! Hey, Slade, for those who don’t know you, I’d like you to introduce yourself. I’ll type up what you say, okay?

Slade: I’m a cowboy from around these parts. When my wife was killed, I got vengeance. Then I got shot. M’lady Elise stopped me from haunting the bar, though I do still like a drink occasionally…

Hagatha: And you work for Elise?

Slade: Yes’m

Hagatha: Why?

Slade: It gives me something to do, m’lady. I like the company and I enjoy the dogs. It’s a <ahem> better than scaring people at the bar

Hagatha: So why don’t you like scaring people?

Slade: I don’t want them to be uncomfortable. I only came in there so I could have a drink once in a while.

Hagatha: So you drank a lot in your old life? Did you consider that a problem?

Slade: Ma’am, I drank, but not enough to be a nuisance. I never got into a fight or hurt an innocent drunk. When I shot the man who killed my wife I was cold sober.

Hagatha: Why’d you shoot him?

Slade: I knew it wasn’t going to bring her back, but I believed he wouldn’t stop hurting people, either.

Hagatha: You feel good about killing someone?

Slade: No, ma’am, but I wasn’t sure the law would take care of it – and like I said, he’d hurt others before, just not as bad as this.

Hagatha: Whoa I never knew….So do you feel it if you’re used as a fire-break, or to stop someone from falling?

Slade: No, M’lady Hagatha, I suppose it does make me feel better to know that I’ve helped someone though. It’s about time for the dog’s run. You mind?

Hagatha: Dismissed and thank you.

Elise: You realize you just did therapy on a ghost?

Hagatha: I think it was good for both of us.












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