Macrow Necromancers

Official Timeline of the Macrow Necromancers and Justicariate Magus Files stories.

The Macrow Necromancers
Nothing but Necromancy
Nothing but Nemesis
Necromancy by Necessity

The Justicariate Magus Files
Walking on the Weird Side – published by Wolfsinger Press
Weirder Every Day – published by Wolfsinger Press
Necromantic Shenanigans – takes place in various times between Walking on the Weird Side and Weirder Every Day but they all take place before The Sunken Tower, except maybe the very last story in NS. – published by Wolfsinger Press
The Sunken Tower
Old Vampires Die Hard
The Cursed Knife
Double Homicide
Bad Mage Rising

Nothing But Necromancy:
Harmony Hendricks accidentally kills a boy when she wishes he would stop serenading her at school. Then, when she wishes he wasn’t dead, he comes back to life at his own funeral, still singing.
What will help Harmony?

Nothing but necromancy.

Elise Winters sees ghosts. They follow her everywhere, wreaking havoc from home to high school. Even her long-dead border collie’s ghost can’t protect her from a broken leg or the nagging fear that she might be losing her mind.
What will help Elise?

Nothing but necromancy…


Nothing But Nemesis:
Someone cast spells on the Magical Houses to confuse their memories, and Harmony is the only person trying to break them. Even her cousin Elise seems to have abandoned her. As if Elise’s sudden resentment wasn’t enough, Harmony is assaulted by one of her professors and has no way to prove it. It’s beginning to feel like the whole campus attitude toward her is…


Missing her old friends, and wanting to fit in, Elise is delighted when she’s taken under a popular girl’s wing. Better yet, a cute boy is falling for her. But Harmony’s bizarre behavior is getting in the way of her new life. Lately Elise’s feelings for her cousin are…


Necromancy By Necessity:
The third and final book in the Macrow Necromancy Trilogy due out March 1st!
Harmony Hendricks just wants to start over. A new school, a new life. But until she gets her powers under control, she can do serious harm by accident.
So she’s headed to England to learn…

Necromancy by Necessity.

Elise Winters is still heartbroken after having loved and lost. All she wants is to learn how to control the ghosts that have literally haunted her since she turned sixteen. The only way to do that is to go to England and study…

Necromancy by Necessity.


Necromantic Shenanigans – Short Story Collection

From Building Towers of Solitude in Colorado’s mountains to freeing a bestiary held captive by a demon-possessed Scottish Laird, Elise and Hagatha Macrow are on the case. Necromantic Shenanigans is a lucky combination of thirteen stories detailing the escapades of two necromancers who fight crime and normalcy without ever donning a cape.


The Sunken Tower

The small town of Neutral and Boring is anything but when the necromancer cousins Elise and Hagatha are in town. Especially when they are trying to teach their Fae friend, Melanie, how to use her magical abilities without burning the forest down around them. To everyone’s relief, a mission from the Justicariate Magus council orders them on a strange mission far from home. Desperate to prove themselves to the council, Elise and Hagatha set off with their friend for distant shores—only to be plunged directly into magical mayhem. Welcome to the world of the Justicariate Magus Files.

Old Vampires Die Hard

From the day she was turned into a vampire, Ekatarine has trained to become the most dangerous thing stalking the night. What began as a quest to ensure she would never be powerless again brings her head-to-head against the council of ancient vampires that murdered her sire. In this collection, Ekatarine faces some of her greatest challenges yet: Human friends, raising children, and finding her own place in the world of the undead.

The Cursed Knife

As far as necromancer Elise Macrow is concerned, her parents are just about the nicest people on the planet. So, she is both shocked and horrified at the news that her father has been kidnapped. With the help of her friend Tallon—a vampire and a detective—and a mysterious elder vampire named Ekatarine, they discover a secret plot to throw the world of mages and vampires into chaos. It’s a race against time to find a dangerous ancient artifact before their war can spill over into the mortal world.

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Double Homicide

“Two dead homicide detectives…Two bullet wounds each…In two days’ time…Kevin Tallon knew them both back when he worked for the Dallas Police Department. One was his former partner and mentor. The other, an old rival – and Tallon would be at the top of the list of suspects, if he hadn’t been halfway across the country at the time.Both families call him in on the case. They’re definitely related, but how? If he’s not careful, he might become Corpse Number three.Of course, vampires like him are damn hard to kill.”

Bad Mage Rising

Senior vampire enforcer Ekatarine generally ignores orders from the Vampire Council that look like a wild goose chase. But when intuition tells her to check it out, she hits the road with only the youngest member of her vampire house—Kevin Tallon—for backup, hoping the trouble is anything but a former Hunter friend who lives in area.
That would be vampire hunter, and emphasis on former. The odds of running into him again are slim. It’s a big country after all.
What Ekatarine and Tallon find is far worse. This bad magic could tear apart old alliances, destroy new ones, and rip apart everything she holds dear.

Meet the authors:

Rebecca McFarland Kyle: Born on Friday 13, Rebecca developed an early love for the unusual. Dragons, vampires and all manner of magical beings haunt her thoughts and stir her to the keyboard. She currently lives between the Smoky and Cumberland mountains with her husband and four cats. Her first YA novel, Fanny & Dice, was released on Halloween 2015. Her upcoming vampire short story collection will be released in 2016. She’s working on both short and long fiction on her own and with co-conspirators.

J.A. Campbell: When Julie is not writing she’s often out riding horses, or working sheep with her dogs. She lives in Colorado with her three cats, Kira and Bran, her border collies, her Traveler-in training, Triska, and her Irish Sailor. She is the author of many Vampire and Ghost-Hunting Dog stories the Tales of the Travelers series, and many other young adult books. She’s a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Dog Writers of America Association and the editor for Story Emporium fiction magazine.

Meet our Artist:

Shoshanah Holl: An author and illustrator originally hailing from Nebraska.  Now located in Minneapolis, she works in digital media, ink, and paint. Outside of work she enjoys cats, scary movies, loud music, hoarding tiki mugs, and books.

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