Short Stories

Here you will find links to all the various short stories I have in anthologies.

Tears for Terra with Rebecca McFarland Kyle in Kepler’s Cowboys

WWHD (What Would Humans Do) in Humans Wanted

Doc and the Crash Landing – The Martian Anthlogy
Alone (as Dakota Brown) – The Martian Anthology

Black Cat Blues with Rebecca McFarland Kyle – Lorelei Signal

Serpent’s Rest in Heat of the Midday Sun. Amazon

The Truth in Her Lies with Rebecca McFarland Kyle in Misunderstood – Amazon

Nix That with Rebecca McFarland Kyle
The Dance
Spirit of the West – All appearing in Epona’s Children

Ratophobia with Rebecca McFarland Kyle in Under A Dark Sign – Amazon

The Toymaker – Amazon

Guardian. A Harley riding unicorn (yes, you read that right) battles a demon to save a boy’s soul. Amazon

The Martian Menace of 1897, in Science Fiction Trails 11.

The Saloon of Doom, in the Gunslingers and Ghost Stories anthology.

Brown and the Sand Dragon in the Different Dragons anthology by Wolfsinger Press

Brown vs. The Martians In Science Fiction Trails Magazine issue 10
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You can find my short stories Roses for the Devil and By Full Moon’s Light in the Bleeding Ink Anthology. This is an 18 and over Anthology as many of the stories contain adult content.

Excerpts – Safe for all age levels.

By Full Moon’s Light

Something snapped me out of a deep sleep. I sat up quickly, a surge of something I’d call adrenalin if I were human rushed through my body.
The phone rang.
I flopped back down on my bed and sighed. The clock told me it was 10am, my body told me to go back to sleep. I listened my body.
The phone rang again.
“Damn it!”
I reached for the cell, horrible invention, and managed to accept the call without damaging the phone.
“Kat! Want to go camping?”
“Uh…” My brain wasn’t quite up to speed. It took me a moment for the voice to register. “Cade!” I paused, “What?”

Kat helps her hunter friend Cade take on a dangerous werewolf, but will she be able to hide her secret from him one more time?

Roses for the Devil

Thorns tore long gashes down Verilyn’s exposed arms and shredded her clothing. The hot coppery smell of blood mingled with the musty, rotting leaves as she dragged herself through the dirt.

Verilyn gagged as the coppery, bitter taste coated the back of her throat. It covered other tastes – wheaty beer, vodka, expensive wine – vomit. She swallowed bile and put one hand forward, not even feeling the bite of fallen leaves anymore. She didn’t bother to untangle her hair from the rose bush, simply pushed forward, one hand, one knee after another, as she tried to escape. There was no path through the rose garden. It had grown wild, only cultivated around the mansion. No way out but the front gate. The roses were a better deterrent than walls, meters thick in places, wild, hungry for blood.

Is survival worth Verilyn’s soul?

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