A Christmas Cornucopia – now available for horse lovers (and everyone else)

A CHRISTMAS CORNUCOPIA by [Anna Rashbrook, Linda Shantz, Jemma  Spark, J.A. Campbell, Inge Moore, Hilary Walker, Meli DeVoss]

Available on Amazon!

Here is a feast of horse stories to enjoy over the festive period. Lots of snow, celebrations, storms, mysteries, excerpts from novels, and even a steam punk horse! The authors are from all over the world; some new and some you know already. Settle down on the sofa with some hot chocolate and enjoy this wonderful cornucopia of Christmas tales!

Celebration by Anna Rashbrook.

New from the Horses and Souls series. A sweet short story from a paddock near Hazeley Manor. Keith and Challenger chat together about the past year and then find themselves involved in a Christmas surprise.

December by Linda Shantz

An excerpt from Amazon bestseller, Good Things Come. Overwhelmed by the Christmas Eve réveillon, Liv escapes to the barn to visit Claire and Chique, the two fillies she’s planned her future around. When her mentor Geai tracks her down, she shares her hopes and fears.

Christmas at Blainstock Castle by Jemma Spark

This Christmas story is part of Book 4 of Jemma Spark’s Jill Series, “Jill and the Steeplechaser”. These books are set in the early 1960s and are follow-ons of the Ruby Ferguson Jill Books.

The Horse Who Hated Christmas by Hilary Walker

Paula’s horse gets ill every Christmas while she’s away, but why? This year she’s finally able to stick around and find out. The answer is not at all what she bargained for!

The Toy Maker by J.A.Campbell

Every winter Nicholas journeys to the city to sell his clever mechanical toys. This year is no different, except a snowstorm delays his return to his ailing wife. When he is finally able to travel, he meets people who guide him toward a new, and promising calling.

A Christmas Storm by Inge Moore

Christmas is coming to a small Alberta farm. Shelley, a recent widow, yearns to make the holiday a happy one for her young children. When a brutal storm threatens, will all be lost?

A Perfect Christmas by Hilary Walker

Dedicated to her father, this fictitious tale features Kimcote Carlo, her son’s extremely naughty Welsh Mountain Pony, who was however, a whiz at pulling her family’s governess cart.

A Christmas Surprise by Meli DeVoss

Magical surprises are one of the best parts of Christmas.  Come curl up, see the magic that emerges, when dreams are whispered into the ears of the rescue horse who arrives before Christmas, in “A Christmas Surprise”.

Ann’s Christmas by Anna Rashbrook

An excerpt from the new, bestselling, Castle in the Air. Christmas is not often seen as a time for a new start, but for Ann, it’s an opportunity to put her past behind her. What could be better than lots of snow and Icelandic horses?

A Christmas  Dream by Meli DeVoss

Christmas is a time for magical dreams and wishing for the impossible to be true.  Return to this cozy period when you dreamed of sweet whinnies, snow hushed hoof beats and frosty winter rides in “A Christmas Dream.” 

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