Saturday Snippet – Freshman Year Freaks

Here’s a bonus snippet from the as yet unpublished Freshman Year Freaks, book three of The Clanless series.

Gage smiled, but didn’t laugh. I shoot him a mock glare and we went to hop off of the boulder.
“Little dudes are serious.” Gage and I stared at the centaur ants. Their numbers had multiplied until the ground surrounding the rock was almost not visible. The climbed over smaller rocks, and I had no doubt they could swarm our boulder as well.
“I don’t want to get into a fight with them.” I twisted around, trying to see a clear path.
“Yeah.” Gage’s voice was quiet, and the sour scent of fear wafted toward me. “Maybe they’ll negotiate.”
“What do you want?”
They didn’t reply to my question.
Their ranks weren’t so deep that I couldn’t leap over them, but that would leave Gage without my protection. I wasn’t sure what I could do against a bunch of ants, but I had to try something. Maybe if they couldn’t see us anymore? No, ants were very sensitive to smell. Hmm…
“Did you happen to bring any honey?”
Gage gave me an incredulous look.
“What, it’s got all sorts of energy and nutrients in it. Or at least I think that’s what someone told me.
“No. Sorry.”

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