Coming Early 2016 The Clanless Freshman Year Freaks

At long last I’ve written the third Clanless novel. This one will wrap up the trilogy started with Senior Year Bites, and continued with Summer Break Blues. It will be out shortly after the reissue of Summer Break Blues in the fall, so early 2016.

The Clanless book 3, Freshman Year Freaks
Freshman year of college should have been parties and classes and hanging out with my friends. I never even made it to my first month of classes. Instead I went off to learn how to be a vampire, how to fight, how to use my powers, how to survive. Unfortunately, the not so distant past finally caught up to us while I was away. Alexander has been taken by the Sidhe to pay for our crimes. Now we have to go rescue him, and figure out how to get the Sidhe to leave us alone forever. If finding a way to travel to another realm wasn’t enough to deal with a werewolf starts sniffing around. To top everything off a vampire, who might be my sire, begins stalking me, and he’s not nearly as friendly as my mentor. My friends and I have been through a lot together. Any one of these things we might be able to handle, but all of them might prove more than we can survive.

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2 Responses to Coming Early 2016 The Clanless Freshman Year Freaks

  1. Uncle Mark says:

    Hey Julie. Trying to get through Mark Twain 2.

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