Staff of Seeing

IMG_4221 I am apparently as easily entertained by a stick as Kira is. This was my staff of awesome with the pine cone of seeing that I carried around for several hours in the mountains yesterday, because I could. The Irish Sailor found it and gave it to me. IMG_4172 And here’s Kira with her first stick (of many) of the hike.

We wandered around up in the mountains and had a really great time. We found some wild raspberries. Yumm… IMG_4188

Kira went for a swim (one of many).

and leapt over logs.IMG_4173

We ate lunch in a makeshift shelter under a great pine tree.IMG_4203

And despite the rain, or perhaps because of it, had a great time.

Kira is a happy, and dirty, doggy.

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