This and that and a few appearances

First off, many of you will have heard of the terrible flooding in northern Colorado over the last couple of days. This is where I live. I wasn’t directly affected by the flood in that my home, critters and town are all okay. However the flooding affected everyone in the area in some way. Roads were destroyed, bridges closed, and some taken out by the flood, lives were lost, it’s been seriously insane. Even my day job was shut down, and we don’t shut down, ever… we are a 24 hour, any weather company. But once the roads closed, we could no longer preform our service, so we closed. Minor compared to the horrible conditions people are still suffering and my heart goes out to them. Fort Collins had some damage but got off light compared to so many of the other communities around us. If you want to see pictures please go to my facebook page. I’ve cross posted many pics and videos from local sources. The Coloradoan, The City of Fort Collins and the K99 country music FB pages are also good sources of information. The devastation is heartbreaking, but it’s also fascinating what the forces of nature can do, and the pictures are well worth looking at.

Here’s a few things that are coming up for me.
I’ll be presenting panels September 28th and 29th, at Malcon in Denver.

I’ll be presenting panels at Mile Hi Con Oct 18th-20th
Denver Co Fantasy Sci Fi convention

Nov 10th from 2pm to 4pm Book Signing
Booktrader of Hamilton, Hamilton New Jersey

December 14th, 3pm Steampunk Christmas Book Reading/Signing
Broadway Book Mall, Denver CO

Other fun news, if you live within the Poudre Library system, you can now get my book, Sabaska’s Tale. YAY! I’m in a library.

I think, for now, that’s it.

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