The Tales of Ever by Jen Wylie

5 stars each.
eshorts by Jen Wylie

The Tales of Ever are a series of six eshorts by Jen Wylie and published by Quake. They follow the banishment of Misha from Earth to a magical prison called Ever and her fight for survival once she arrives. Nothing in Ever is safe, from the leaves of the plants to the groundwater, to the inhabitants. They’re all there for a reason, and some are worse than others. Her one hope is that somehow, ten years previously, her dad was also banished here too. She finds help on her quest to survive and understand the crazy world she’s been thrown into and to help find her father. Things go from bad, to worse, when the predictable craziness of Ever stops being predictable as something has gone wrong with the magic and the dragons are escaping their usual confinement. Will Misha and her friends find her father and the legendary safety of Sanctuary? You’ll just have to read to find out. These stories are action packed, well written and highly entertaining. At $.99 a piece,they’re cheaper than just about any other form of entertainment. They’re even cheaper than a candy bar these days. Well worth the read.

#1 Banished
#2 Fire Girl
#3 Shadowboy
#4 The Lost Tree
#5 Dragon Rising

#6 Sanctuary

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