Cover Reveal – Nothing But Necromancy

Like Athena, Elise and Hagatha Macrow sprang from our heads literally full-grown. They began as joke. A mutual friend, Dana Bell, published a Star Wars meme on her Facebook page and Rebecca challenged Julie for the title of Dark Lord. No one actually won that fight; however, Carol Hightshoe (WolfSinger Publications) suggested that we write a story about it for Lorelei Signals.
We wrote several short stories about their adult shenanigans (which are coincidentally published in our first collection: Necromantic Shenanigans, WolfSinger Publications, 2016) before one of us started wondering how they really came to be.

Rebecca wrote a brief scene about a young Harmony (later to become Hagatha) resurrecting preserved frogs destined for dissection in her Advanced Biology class and as we tend to do, we ran with the idea of the two young women discovering their powers and meeting at the age of sixteen.

Thus, we present for your enjoyment Nothing But Necromancy, the first novel of the Macrow Necromancers.

Due out on January 13th, 2017. Preorder available soon.


Harmony Hendricks accidentally kills a boy when she wishes he would stop serenading her at school. Then, when she wishes he wasn’t dead, he comes back to life at his own funeral, still singing.
What will help Harmony?

Nothing but necromancy.

Elise Winters sees ghosts. They follow her everywhere, wreaking havoc from home to high school. Even her long-dead border collie’s ghost can’t protect her from a broken leg or the nagging fear that she might be losing her mind.
What will help Elise?

Nothing but necromancy…




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