Saturday Snippets – Ghost Hunting Dog

This is from my ghost hunting dog anthology in the story, Brown and the End of the Line.

Suddenly I remembered the steak I’d passed in the dining car. Woofing happily I ran back out into the hallway and toward the dining hall. Once food made it to the floor, it was mine. I didn’t even think it had slime on it.
Elliott chased after but he didn’t call me back.
To my dismay the annoying, flower scented lady was in the dining area when I arrived, and she’d picked up my steak! I huffed in annoyance and she gasped when she saw me. We stared at each other, her eyes wide, mine narrowed. That was my steak.
“Whatever is all over you?” At least she wasn’t screaming.
“Ghost slime,” Elliott said coming up behind me.
“Ghost slime?”
“Yes, we banished the ghost that’s been plaguing the train.” Elliott sounded wary.
“I see.”
“You don’t sound surprised.”
She actually smiled. “I’m the owner’s daughter, I was investigating the so called claims.”
Elliott frowned.
“I nearly slept through the whole thing, though getting thrown to the floor when the train stopped did wake me. Why is she staring at me like that?”
I looked at the steak on the plate and licked drool from my lips.
“I think she’s decided that’s her steak.”
“You’re certain she doesn’t have fleas?”
The lady set the plate on the ground and backed away. I darted forward and grabbed the steak before she could change her mind and took it back to Elliott’s side. There was no slime on the floor except where it dripped from us so I set my steak down and tore into it, wagging my tail happily. Maybe I’d forgive her for thinking I had fleas.

Brown Ghost Hunting Dog

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