Saturday Snippets – Sabaska’s Tale

Saturday Snippet time. Tales of the Travelers book 1, Sabaska’s Tale

Anna enjoyed being held. For a brief moment she could convince herself she was safe and someone would take care of her. “Thank you.”
She stepped back from his embrace. The faint moonlight made his eyes shine, made them almost like ice.
He brushed a few stray hairs out of her face. “Can I kiss you?”
“Yes,” Anna replied, her voice hoarse. She wanted to be kissed. She wanted to be held and told it would all go away.
His lips brushed hers, soft and gentle. Her heart fluttered as she returned the kiss. She sighed quietly when he released her.
“Thank you for a wonderful night.”
“Thank you.” Cahir grinned. “I haven’t had this much fun in quite some time.”
“I’m going to check on the horses before I go inside.”
“Do you mind if I join you?”
She had hoped he would. “Yes–no, I don’t mind. Please join me.”
Cahir laughed quietly. “Okay.”
The stars shone brightly as they walked across the ranch. His shoulder brushed against hers. “It’s a nice night.”
“Yes, it is,” he agreed.
The quiet sounds horses made at night, the swish of tails, their breathing, the quiet crunch of hay, surrounded her. She inhaled the dusty smell of horse and leaned against the corral rail, content.
Cahir put his arm around her and took a deep breath. “I do love the smell of horses.”
Most people thought they smelled bad, but really they smelled wonderful. They smelled like life, and freedom, and wind in your hair as you raced across the plains, and dust and good clean dirt. Her parents never understood. She liked him more because he did.

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