The Final Talley

The immediate results of giving away Sabaska’s Tale.

Though we didn’t quite hit top 100, we were damn close. The highest rank I believe I hit was 129. That’s not shabby and here are the download numbers.

DE-5 (germany)
FR-1 (france)
IT-1 (italy)
IN-1 (india)
CA-17 (Canada)

A handful of these people have already heard of me. A handful would have bought Sabaska’s Tale eventually, but not all. I’ve reached almost 2000 people who will all hopefully read Sabaska’s Tale, love it, and start looking for the sequel or some of the other things I’ve written.

I’d call this a success 🙂

Thank you everyone who helped spread the word!!!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00026]

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