Raven’s Quill

Doc’s tour settles in at Raven’s Quill today for some Q&A. Want a hint about Doc’s next novella? (It’s a small hint.) Want to find out more about me and Doc, my inspiration for last year’s Halloween story? Go here… http://literary-endeavors.blogspot.com/2012/01/julie-campbell-q.html I discovered something new, LOL. I discovered I’m also a horror author. Good stuff 🙂 I always thought of it as Dark Urban Fantasy, but I guess that and Horror are about the same sometimes.

Krista, thanks so much for having me at your blog 🙂

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1 Response to Raven’s Quill

  1. snagglewordz says:

    I had trouble commenting on Raven’s Quill, so I’ll just copy and paste the comment here…
    Great interview, I think Doc got his point on ‘more sheep’ across clearly. 😉 Arabian Dreams sounds intriguing.

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