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New Release!!! Senior Year Bites, The Clanless #1 (this is a rerelease with a new publisher for those who may have read it already)


New Releases!
The Martian Menace of 1897, Science Fiction Trails 11
Brown Takes to the Skies, Penny Dread Tales 4
Senior Year Bites, Clanless #1

Coming Soon
Tales of the Travelers 2, Sabaska’s Quest (due out in September)
Guardian, Supernatural Colorado
Brown and the Saloon of Doom (reprint), Badlands
Doc, Vampire Hunting Dog – Sheep Interrupted, These Vampires Don’t Sparkle Anthology (due out in October)
Brown and the Lost Dutchman Mine, Six Guns Straight From Hell 2

Doc, Vampire-Hunting Dog is now available at the Broadway Book Mall in Denver. They have signed copies! 200 S. Broadway, Denver Colorado. It’s a great bookstore. Check them out! His novella is also available at Gryphon Games and Comics and Earthwise Pet Supply in Fort Collins! Makes a great stocking stuffer!


Sabaska's Tale eBookTo Anna, horses were more than a fascination, they were everything. Luckily, she had the opportunity to spend every summer on her grandmother’s horse ranch in Colorado. Life was perfect, until she received the devastating news that her grandmother had been tragically killed. Anna knew she was the only member of her family who could take over the ranch and hopefully find new homes for her grandmother’s beloved Arabians.

Anna wasn’t alone for long. Her grandmother had hired a local teenage boy to help tend the horses for the summer. Anna didn’t stand a chance against Cody’s quiet charm and the two rapidly become friends. however, even with the responsibilities of the ranch, Anna quickly discovers the secrets her grandmother had been hiding and a legacy that sends her on an adventure she never thought possible. An adventure in the saddle of a horse that wasn’t a horse at all. Sabaska, her grandmother’s favorite Arabian, was a Traveler; a magical being that could travel between worlds. With Anna at the reins, they find themselves trapped in a fight against evil with the highest of stakes… Their very survival.

“Once again, Campbell lures us into a fantastical world in which animals remind us what it means to be human.” – Anne Michaud – Author of Girls and Monsters.

“I was blown away by Sabaska’s Tale! A rich and layered fantasy about the mystical connection between horses and humans that will leave you heading for the nearest stables the minute you finish this book. You’ll never look at horses the same way again. I know I never will!”
~ Rusty Fischer, author of Zombies Don’t Cry

Doc VHDPraise for Doc, Vampire-Hunting Dog
“They’re Just freaking fun. Like Lassie for kids who watched the Munsters.” – S. N. Holl

“Doc is a new breed of superhero with an eye for adventure!” – Devin O’Branagan

Praise for Brown, Ghost-Hunting Dog.
“Normally when I hear a dog growl at a ghost, I panic. But when I hear Brown growl at a ghost, I know things are about to get good!” – Sam Knight


Praise for The Clanless Series
“ I found that Senior Year Bites is something you can really sink your teeth into at any age and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to read. ” – Sally Wolf, book reviewer


Praise for Serpent Queen, Sky Yarns #1
“An amazing cast of characters…and airships. What more could you ask for? The Serpent Queen is a must read for steampunk lovers.” Jen Wylie author of Broken Aro

“It’s like Firefly but with vampires and steam engines!” S.N. Holl


Praise for the Into the West series.
“This book is a wonderful adventure that is like a long kiss goodbye. It leaves you hungry for more.” – Sally Wolf, book reviewer.

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