A doggo friend in need.

Hi Friends, this doggo and his human are friends of mine. She’s not asking for donations, she’s asking if you would consider going to amazon and buying some of her books to help defray the costs of his end of life care. He’s a good doggo who only has a limited time left and she’s a fantastic person who is determined to make sure he has every good day he can, and limit the bad ones. It’s not his time yet, but she wants to be able to make a good decision about when it is, so she’s looking at some vet bills.

She’s a fantastic author, and she’s asking that people consider buying some of her books to enjoy and help her out a little. Or perhaps simply spreading the word if they don’t look like your kind of read.

Thank you.

From Michelle Muto

I thought about this long and hard before posting. I need your help.

As you might know, Ronan’s cancer has returned. He has a tumor in his bladder, which is growing. It’s called transitional cell carcinoma. There’s also an unknown mass in his abdomen. He’s fighting the good fight. I mean that. He’s thoroughly enjoying his walks and still has pep in his step. He seeks out toys. He wags his tail and begs at the table. He’s bright-eyed and the same old Ronan he’s always been – most of the time.

Every day, I journal for him. I rate everything – food and water intake, zest and quality of life. He’s on numerous meds. I mean numerous. They’re designed to keep him happy and comfortable as long as possible. One is designed to help reduce tumors. He needs frequent medical attention: bloodwork and sonograms to see how the cancer is progressing and what the other meds are doing to his liver and kidneys.

I’m not asking for donations. I’m not setting up a Go Fund Me page. What I’d like to ask is that if you are a reader, or know someone who is, could you look at my books and decide if they’re something you or someone else might like to read? Word of mouth is also the best advertising. IF you like what you see, any purchase helps me take care of my boy in his final days, however many or few there are.

What do you get in exchange? Well, hopefully, a good book to read or a present for someone who does. Also, know that I will not let Ronan suffer. Know that I will hold him when his time comes. I will do everything in my power to be the best dog mom ever. I’ll fix it until I can’t, then I’ll make it right.

I just need a little help. I hate to ask, I truly do. Again, if nothing I’ve written is for you or anyone you know, that’s fine. I’m simply asking if you’d consider it. Thank you so much for reading this and taking the time to check things out. I understand that this is a difficult time of year. If you find this post offensive, at least have the heart to not flame me. Like I said, I’ve thought long and hard about posting this.

Ronan has always been there for me. I’d like to continue to do the same when he needs me the most.

Dogs: they live on in our hearts longer than they live here, on earth. One last request: hug your pets for me. Cherish them.

Thank you. Sincerely.

My Amazon page

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