Cover Reveal: Old Vampires Die Hard

Last cover reveal for a while, but I’m going to be chattering about books more. Maybe some other things.

This is a companion collection kind of like the two Tallon collections. Walking on the Weird Side, and It Gets Weirder. This collection fleshes out Ekatarine’s back story a little bit and shares some stories I’ve been wanting to tell for quite some time. Ekatarine makes her appearance in The Cursed Knife, however, if any of you know me well at all, you might be familiar with this character. I developed her, and her world back in early 2000 (before Urban Fantasy was omg popular…lol) and her world melded naturally with this one. I’m excited to share these stories. This collection will be out shortly after The Cursed Knife, so sometime this fall.


From the day she was turned into a vampire, Ekatarine has trained to become the most dangerous thing stalking the night. What began as a quest to ensure she would never be powerless again brings her head-to-head against the council of ancient vampires that murdered her sire. In this collection, Ekatarine faces some of her greatest challenges yet: Human friends, raising children, and finding her own place in the world of the undead.

Cover by Shoshanah Holl


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