A story of #Wolfenoot

Any of you who are familiar with my stories and novels know I love writing about animals. When I read about Wolfenoot, a new holiday all about celebrating dogs, I had to write a short story about it. If you want to read about the holiday, here’s the website: https://wolfenoot.com/ In short, a family in New Zealand came up with the idea and the world has embraced it.

Here’s my Wolfenoot offering. Feel free to share, please give credit to the author.


A story of Wolfenoot in the Northern Hemisphere

By J. A. Campbell

“Is it time yet?”

“Yeah, is it time?”

“Is it time?” A chorus of puppy voices called out as the youngsters climbed all over their mama.

“Not yet. We have to sleep first,” the patient mama dog said, nudging a pup with her nose.

The small family lay near a warm hearth, where recently a cheerful fire had burned keeping them and their humans warm from the winter storm outside.

“Mama what do you think the Spirit of the Wolf will bring us?” one pup yipped.

“What do you think the Wolf Spirit will bring our human?” another cried out, tail wagging.

Their momma dropped her jaw in a doggy grin. “Do you know why the Wolf Spirt comes?”

“Because humans are nice to us!”

“Because we keep humans safe.”

“Because humans need us.”

The answers continued all with some truth in them, especially from young pups.

“And why do we protect our humans?” The mamma dog asked.

“Because they need us!”

“Tell us the story, Mama!”

They climbed all over her, begging for their favorite story.

Mama shook off her pups and thumped her tail on the ground. The pups gathered in front of her and settled in for the story.

“Once, a long time ago, before humans and dogs were friends, a wolf mama had a late litter of puppies. She had a snug den, so she wasn’t worried about the weather, but food was scarce. Her mate was a good hunter, but the snows had come early. They were hungry, but she thought they would get by.

One night, when the winds howled most fiercely, Mama and her mate curled up around the pups, tails over snoots, snug in their den. The snow had covered the mouth of their home and everyone slept in the warm air.

Suddenly, a burst of cold air woke the pack. Noses went into the air, and ears perked as a small bit of light filtered into the den.

Moments later a human pup tumbled into their midst. It was nearly frozen and had barely managed to find shelter. It had probably fallen in by sheer luck.

Mama and her mate shared a glance and then they took the human pup into their warm circle. It curled up with them and slept. The next day when the storm abated, Mama wolf’s mate helped the human young leave the den and led it back to the settlement where the humans lived. Two nights later, human hunters brought a deer for the pack. In spring, intrigued by the gifts of deer that sustained them through the winter, two of the pups went to live with the humans. We’ve protected them ever since.

To remember and celebrate the beginning of the partnership between dog and human, the Great Wolf Spirit brings gifts each year for good little puppies and humans.”

“And we will keep protecting our humans!” the one little pup who was still awake whispered before her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.

Mama dog looked up when a soft light caught her attention.

“A good retelling,” a glowing figure of a wolf said to her.

She wagged her tail at the Wolf Spirit who stood before her.

“Now sleep, and dream well of sheep and time at your human’s side.”

Mama dog lowered her head and snuggled in with her pups, drifting off to sleep with a sigh. She looked forward to the gifts and the feast of Wolfenoot on the next day.

The End.


About the author: When Julie is not writing she’s often out riding horses, or working sheep with her dogs. She lives in Colorado with a handful of cats, some sheep, Kira and Bran her border collies, her Arabian endurance horses Triska and Cavalier, and her Irish Sailor. She is the author of many Vampire and Ghost-Hunting Dog stories the Tales of the Travelers series, and many other young adult books. her passions include horses, writing about horses, dogs and writing about dogs. She writes fantasy, sci fi, horror, and all related genres. She’s a member of the Horror Writers Association, Science Fiction Writers of America, and the Dog Writers of America Association and the editor for Story Emporium fiction magazine. Find out more at http://www.writerjacampbell.com

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