Cover Reveal Necromancy By Necessity!

Becky and I are pleased to announce that the final book in the Macrow Necromancers trilogy is almost available. It is, at this very moment, in final edits (the file is literally open on my desk top and I’m applying them now.) It is due out March 1st. Now, I know you love our necromancer cousins, and you’re all, but it’s the last one? *Sad tears* Fear not! The adventures of the Macrow Necromancers continue in the Justicariate Magus files, book one and two will be out this year. They’re written, but we didn’t want to publish everything out of order.

And now…the cover. I can’t even count the ways I love this cover. Our Artist, Shoshanah Holl, has out done herself on this one.



Necromancy By Necessity:
The third and final book in the Macrow Necromancy Trilogy due out March 1st!
Harmony Hendricks just wants to start over. A new school, a new life. But until she gets her powers under control, she can do serious harm by accident.
So she’s headed to England to learn…

Necromancy by Necessity.

Elise Winters is still heartbroken after having loved and lost. All she wants is to learn how to control the ghosts that have literally haunted her since she turned sixteen.
The only way to do that is to go to England and study…

Necromancy by Necessity.

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2 Responses to Cover Reveal Necromancy By Necessity!

  1. Brandy Dalton says:

    That’s totally epic

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