Coming soon, the Ghost Hunting Critters anthology.

Fans of Brown, the ghost hunting dog, will rejoice to learn that Inkwolf Press has a new anthology coming out this summer titled Ghost Hunting Critters. Unlike the last two collections of stories, this one contains adventures written by other authors as well as J. A. Campbell. It also features an original Brown Ghost Hunting Dog story.

The collection features a variety of critters, including birds, cats, a horse, dogs (of course), a goldfish, no really I promise, a Yeti, a donkey, a velociraptor, and more.

The collection is fantastic and Inkwolf Press can’t wait to share it with you.

The authors, in no particular order include:

Sam Knight
Dana Bell
Carol Hightshoe
Jamie Ferguson
Laura Hargis
Rebecca McFarland Kyle
Boom Baumgartner
J.L. Zenor
Shoshanah HOll
J.D. Harrison
Jessica Brawner
J. A. Campbell

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