Preorder! Pint-Sized Trouble

Pint_eBook.pngThe long awaited and much requested sequel to Serpent Queen is ready for preorder! Release date March 17th.


This is a world I created with the talented Shoshanah Holl. She’s the cover artist and, like Serpent Queen, this book contains artwork as well.

Pint-Sized Trouble:
In the war-torn skies of Trinity, the crew of the pirate airship Serpent Queen try to leave the past behind.

But the past doesn’t always stay dead, not even for the youngest crew member. Captain Adair’s ten-year-old ward, Pint, may still be a child, but she’s also a gifted weather mage and secretly the last heir to a noble family.

Pint’s gift sets her apart from ordinary children, and attracts unwanted attention when the Serpent Queen docks near her homeland for repairs.

When she’s kidnapped by a group of rebels, Pint has to keep her wits about her to survive the deadly game of the great houses that destroyed her family. Captain Adair races to find her before it’s too late-only to discover his past has found him, as well.

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2 Responses to Preorder! Pint-Sized Trouble

  1. Christine says:

    Love her name! Not sure if it’s worth updating your title/URL to that it says trouble instead of troublw? 🙂

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