Brown’s Uncanny Affair

Another teaser, because I’m feeling generous. This one is from Brown’s Uncanny Affair. They’re looking at picture art on a cave wall.

“This is amazing,” Elliott said. “These look like dinosaurs.”

“You know much about dinosaurs?” Luke interrupted.

“Um, after a recent ghost hunt, I made something of a study of them.” Elliott glanced at me.

I wagged my tail. Even dinosaur ghosts couldn’t get the better of me.

“You are a man of many interests,” Luke replied.

Elliott shrugged. “Correct me if I’m wrong.”

“De knows more than I do on the subject.”

“You’re right, Elliott. And look here how the dinosaurs have feathers. I haven’t read much about that. Wonder if the scientists know yet?” De frowned.

“Hard to find feathers in rock,” Luke said.

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