Teasers from Brown Vol 2

The long awaited vol 2 of ghost hunting dog stories is almost finished! I anticipate having it available by Halloween!

Here’s the table of contents:

Brown and the House of Horrors
Brown and the Stolen Spirits
Brown and the Rustling Ghost
Brown and the Sheep that Should Not Be
Brown and the Quaking Grove
Brown and the Barking Board
Brown and the Hotel Colorado Haunts
And bonus story: The Martian Menace of 1897

Teaser from Brown and the House of Horrors:

Shortly we walked from the dark room into a more brightly lit hallway. Mirrors reflected humans and Border Collies everywhere, and I whined, disorientated. A woman exclaimed as she bounced off of a mirror and something laughed, low and menacing.

“You think you are brave enough to see a real ghost?” it said, laughing again. “If you can make it through the mirrors, we’ll see.”

Sniffing, I looked around for signs of a ghost, but I only smelled people.

People frantically tried to find their way through the mirrors and even Elliott and Clair seemed to be having problems. Someone started crying.

Huffing in annoyance, I closed my eyes to slits and applied my nose to the task. Woofing softly to get Elliott’s attention, I sniffed out the route through the mirrors. Before long others noticed and began to follow, until we reached a door.

“Good job, Brown.” Elliott scratched my ears, and I wagged my tail.

Someone cheered.




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