Necromancer Notes: Melanie McLaren

Wow this is going to be a tough act to follow. I’m a musician. Primarily I compose and play stringed instruments and occasionally sing backup. I’m with the Rusty Yates Band, but I’ve played in session with some heavy hitters as well.

Hagatha: And a faery princess!

Yes, I’m King Oberon’s granddaughter. My father was a changeling who didn’t manifest serous magic but I somehow got hybrid vigor. Learning to control my magic’s been quite a challenge. Thankfully, the Macrow clan’s doing a lot to help me out with lessons. Otherwise, I’d be either literally going to the Justiciarate Magus’s whacked idea of Hogwarts or Faery for my education.

I’m also part-owner of Grayson Security with my heart-sister, Tig Killian. We’re working to clean up the mess the former owner left – which coincidentally left us in trouble with the JM as well.

Right now, things are a bit of a tangle, but I’ve got a gig. See you soon!



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