Necromancer Notes: Q&A 3

HagathaEliseTed Pennella asks If a ghost sneezes in the woods and there isn’t a necromancer to hear, does it still happen?

Hagatha : It happens for the ghost, that’s all that matters. Hey, wait a minute – Slade, can you even sneeze anymore?

Ted Pennella asks I keep hearing a squeaking sound coming from my roof. How do I know if it’s not a portal to a demon plane of existence or something worse?

Hagatha: You live in the Land of the Quakenado flood with tiger escapes and you’re asking if you’re near the portal to hell? Ted, honey, get the hell out of there.

Big asks if ‘Dark Ladies’ refers to your fur being all black like his? (Big is Ted’s dog)

Hagatha: What a handsome boy you are, Big, and so smart. My fur is white, but Elise’s is black like yours. Dark mostly refers to being scary, which we’re not…

Tallon: She is!

Hagatha: Bite me! Big, have a biscuit, handsome boy.

Elise: Our scary reputation keeps us safe.

Gary Ely asks What do you find so romantic about necks?

Hagatha: Actually necro refers to the Late Latin word nekro which means dead body – although some necks are kind of appealing.

Tallon: Necks….

Kat: <Smacks Tallon>

Pete Dixon asks Is there a way to keep zombies from smelling bad? If you use Egyptian spices to do that, do you end up with mummy issues?

Hagatha: Pete, that’s brilliant! I’m on it!

Tallon: Clean up on Aisle Seven!

Marcus: Encouraging Hagatha to experiment is a very bad idea.

Elise: Oh dear goddess.

Ted Pennella asks If someone is living their life backward (old age to youth), and they want to learn what the future holds for them, do you talk to spirits of the dead or the unborn?

Elise: Just don’t…They’ll lie anyway.

Jennifer Modette Perry asks Could you share your versions of common expressions like “Could you just die!” “I thought I would die before I got out of that crowd” :’My folks are gonna kill me.” Etc

Elise: Reanimate this! Couldn’t you just rise from the dead? I thought the dead would rise before I got out of that crowd. My folks are going to bury me and raise my ghost.



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