Necromancer Notes: Marcus Macrow and Judas Veronis

I’m supposed to tell you about myself but then I’d have to kill you…

Judas: That’s even more cliché than I can handle.

It’s true.

Judas: <Snort>

Since he won’t tell you about himself, I’ll introduce myself. Hi, I’m Judas Veronis. You met my sister Ekatarine earlier.

Knight of the first Crusade. Not sure I’m proud of that or not. Maybe the Knight part. The Crusade…well…

I was killed during the Crusade, just happened to wake up with a massive taste for blood, beyond just killing others…which, incidently I was never terribly fond of anyway. My sire is Justinian. We called him Justin.

Otherwise I’m pretty boring.

Kat: <Humms Monty Python tune>

Stop that.

Kat: Stuffy old fart.

<Sigh> No respect.


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