Necromancer Notes: Ekatarine Veronis

I’m not sure exactly what I’m supposed to be doing here. Tallon is sitting behind me with a gun to my head, forcing me to write this.

Tallon: Not literally.

Something like that anyway. I guess this is supposed to be an introduction. So, yeah, I’m the North American enforcer for the Vampire Council of Lords. This means I’m scary. *turns around and glares at Tallon* and someone who is much younger than me should not be trying to force me to do this.

He went away. Okay, well…I’ll give this a shot anyway. Something about connecting with the modern world. I think I’m doing pretty good. I use a smart phone…

Let’s see. Born in Russia in the mid 1400’s. Let’s not talk about my early life. Sire is Justinian, a former Roman Legionnaire. He’s dead. No, like, really final death dead. I’m still pretty ticked off about this. So, I guess let’s not talk about that either. Let’s talk about Judas. He’s my brother. Sort of. By blood. Er, vampire blood. He was a Knight in the First Crusade. He’s far more interesting than me. Let’s talk about him.

Tallon is yelling at me, that I have to write about myself. I’m boring and I’m sure there’s a vampire misbehaving out there somewhere that I have to hunt down and kill.

Nice to meet you all. Until next time, have a nice night.

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