Necromancer Notes: Kevin Tallon

Hi, My name’s Tallon and I’m a vampire.

Kat: What? Is this some kind of 12 Step Program? First, admit you’re a vampire…

Tallon: (rolls eyes) If it was anyone else, I’d give them three steps…I used to be a Homicide Detective. I stopped to help a motorist in trouble and woke up in the ER as a vampire, though the docs didn’t know that – and they still don’t.

I’ve worked on getting my un-life back together. I retired from the police on a Psych (PTSD) because vampires get a little bit crazy around crime scenes. And they still don’t know that, only my former partner does.

So, I’m getting better. I’ve found a vampire family to take me in, thanks Kat. I’m Head of Investigations for Grayson Security. I work Justicirate Magus cases, particularly ones where vampires have run amok or there’s some kind of murder involved. I’m working on a PhD in Psychology so I can counsel others who might be presumed batcrap crazy…

Hagatha: That’s not part of the ICD…

Hey, I’m being generic here. And most people reading this won’t care what psychologists use for diagnostic codes…

Hagatha: <blows raspberry>

<Chuckles> Anyhow, I’m working on being able to help folks who’ve gotten bitten or magically-gifted like Hagatha, who might have an emotional crisis…

Hagatha: Hey, I resemble that remark…

You’re not getting the last word.

Hagatha: (Muffled sounds)


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