Necromancer Notes: Elise

EliseHi, I’m Elise Macrow. I’ll tell you something about my life. I live in a tower Hagatha and I constructed from the very granite cliffs it backs up against. It took us a couple of days, but we got it figured out. I live in Neutral Zone and Boring, Colorado, though the official records dropped the ‘Zone’ a while back. It’s a nice little town, but the residents discourage visitors.

Oh, yeah, I’m a necromancer. I think that’s the most important part. Sorry, new to this blogging thing. I was born to a powerful House of necromancers, but because my biological mother is batshit crazy, me and my cousin where secretly sent to the mundane world to be raised by rather unsuspecting mortals. My adoptive parents are great. My biological father is great. It’s too bad Valonna is insane.

We found out I was a necromancer in high school. That was a shock. To learn to control my powers, I had to go to a Justicariate Magus school. There I met Hagatha, my cousin. We also nearly got killed several times.

After we survived that we still had to survive Valonna. Which is basically how we ended up in a little town in the Colorado mountains.

These days I occupy myself by fighting magical duels with Hagatha, sort of terrorizing the town and playing with my dogs. We also go out on missions for the JM to help police the magical community. We’re trying to avoid notice. (Well, except in Neutral. Everyone knows what we are there. Hagatha flat out told them.)

Hagatha: The towers were a giveaway, dearest cousin, and if I’m not mistaken, you were the first one to use the word necromancer.

Yeah, well, anyway… we get up to all sorts of chaos in our little town.

Until next time, it was nice to meet you.


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