The Perfect Pastry

The Perfect Pastry, published in Steampunk: The Other Worlds was inspired by a conversation with Dana Prophet, the owner of The Pastry Prophet purveyor of amazingly tasty baked goods. I met her a couple of years ago while visiting my best friend out in New Jersey. She was telling me of her shop and I decided I’d include it in one of my stories. I wrote a piece about Aly, a girl on the run from an evil corporation. She’d never had a 12294736_10206945744154797_7758786672094393828_nnormal childhood and decided that tasting a donut for the first time would help fix things. She encounters many roadblocks in pursuit of the perfect pastry.  Does she get to taste one? You’ll have to read to find out.


Dana Prophet took the picture and tagged me on Facebook. She made those donuts and wondered if they were as good as the ones Aly was after. They sure do look good to me.

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