Book Review Fanny and Dice


Fanny and Dice by Rebecca McFarland Kyle

51KF4UEZ+QL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Fanny and Dice is an entertaining mix of Greek Mythology and Weird Western that will keep the pages turning. Is all hell about to break loose as Persephone and Eurydice beak out of the Hades’ realm, for the old west. South Dakota isn’t quite prepared when a buxom woman and her “nephew” come to town, and while Eurydice or “Dice” as the locals call her, isn’t sure she’s excited to be above ground, she instantly falls in love with the local piano. Unfortunately, she has to work in a brothel to be able to play it. Hiding her identity as a girl Dice plays for the patrons and tries to figure out what to do with herself as it becomes increasingly obvious that Persephone is only interested in taking care of herself. As hell leaks out after their escape, Dice must learn her new world and pray that the Lord of Hell doesn’t show up and drag her home. However, that may be the least of her worries.
This story is full of interesting twists, action, and intriguing characters. Highly recommended. Five stars!!! or maybe that’s five three-headed dogs 🙂

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