New Release -Just Another Day in Neutral

I am very pleased to announce that my joint story with Rebecca McFarland Kyle has just come out. The magazine that published it is free to read, though donations are welcome.

The founding fathers of Neutral and Boring, Colorado didn’t name their town that for nothing. They could have changed it to Occasional Moments of Panic When the Dead Rise after the Dark Ladies moved in, but their Saturday morning magical bouts were more interesting than television.

All was well until an evil rival came to town….

Read here:

Artwork by Lee Kuruganti

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1 Response to New Release -Just Another Day in Neutral

  1. Mardel says:

    Beautiful artwork… I started reading this after a long weekend of work, but I’m beginning to fall asleep – so I’ll have to finish later. So far, it’s good story, looking forward to finishing it. 🙂

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