Saturday Snippets – Saga

Here’s one from the forthcoming Saga, a Travelers Legends book.

The wooden docks echoed dully under Saga’s hooves and she stared at the wood, curiosity on her face. She’d crossed bridges before, but Jarl knew she liked to hear the various sounds her hooves made on different surfaces.
“Horse been on a boat before?” Captain Cybele’s voice was gruff.
I’ll ignore the horse comment for now. Saga snorted.
Jarl’s parents had forbidden him to allow Saga to call herself a Traveler. Since she had been young when taken, she’d gradually forgotten what her race was. These days Jarl just told her that no one knew, but that she was special. He felt bad for the deception, but was careful to keep it from her. She could read his surface thoughts, but only when directed specifically at her, and he’d learned to block her out as well.
Just as well, we don’t have anything else to call you.
He patted her shoulder.
“Yes, we took her out on a small boat last week. She was fine.”
Jarl grinned, remembering sailing on the small boat. The crew had been surprised at how much Saga had seemed to enjoy the spray in her face and the wind blowing

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