Saturday Snippets – Sabaska’s Quest

This snippet is from book two of the Travelers series, Sabaska’s Quest.

Sabaska took a sharp turn around a rock and Anna stayed with her, not losing her rhythm. The next obstacle was at the end of a long dirt stretch. Sabaska increased her speed and told her to hang on and prepare for a big jump. She gathered the reins and prepared to slide her hands along Sabaska’s neck so the reins didn’t jerk on her face. A pit followed the jump, and the point was to leap as much of the pit as they could. Sabaska wasn’t terribly large, but she sure could jump and they cleared the wooden poles easily. Anna’s knees, bending like shock absorbers, took most of the shock out of the landing and she managed not to bounce on her partner’s back.
She smiled, but didn’t have time for even a quick mental celebration as the next obstacle was upon them. A pond followed the combination jump. Sabaska leapt once, twice, three times, and Anna thought that this must be what flying was like. She thought the Traveler would go around the pond, since it was too big to jump, but instead, after a quick warning to Anna, she leaped in. They briefly submerged before Sabaska swam powerfully for the other side. Anna gasped, not having quite gathered her breath, but she held on, not swimming with her horse, but staying in the saddle as Sabaska instructed.


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