Saturday Snippets – Vampire Hunting Dog

This is from my currently unpublished Vampire Hunting Dog novel.

Doc has his first fight with a vampire.

We both went sprawling, but I sprang to my feet. Growling, I stared straight at the dead thing. She glared, getting to her feet and tensing as if she were going to spring. I glared back and our eyes met. Something clicked in my mind. It was as if I could see into her and feel what made her function. With just a little effort, I thought I could control her with my Eye, just like I did when herding. Crouching, I stared, and much like a sheep, she froze. I willed her to stay still. Distantly I heard Kevin call my name but I couldn’t look away or the dead thing would be free. Panting with effort, I concentrated on holding her still and hoped that Kevin would do something.

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