Saturday Snippets – Summer Break Blues

Today I bring you a piece from the second book in the Clanless series, Summer Break Blues.

“Cool. You should get cleaned up then we need to figure out our next move.” I arched an eyebrow when Alexander kept looking at me.
He frowned again. I brushed past him, or I tried, but he caught my arm. “What?” His eyes glinted and he grinned. “This might help, too.” My eyes went wide when he stepped close and kissed me.
My first reaction was to pull away, but Alexander wrapped his arm around me and pressed his hand into the middle of the back, holding me close. His other hand gripped my arm. He was warm, and his lips were soft, and I found myself kissing him back. It felt good to be held, and for a moment I forgot he was my best friend’s boyfriend and generally very irritating. I melted into his embrace, pleasure and desire making my limbs a little weak.
He ended the kiss, leaning back but still holding me. He smiled. I stared at him, too shocked for words. I stepped back and punched him in the shoulder, a little harder than I should have. He spun and tripped over a stool, crashing to the ground.


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