Saturday Snippets – Senior Year Bites

This Snippet is from my young adult urban fantasy, Senior Year Bites, book one of The Clanless series.

“Kind of. More like the Seelie and Unseelie courts,” Tad said, managing to get a word in.
I gave him a blank stare.
“The Unseelie are the really nasty ones, and the Seelie are slightly nicer, or at least more human from what I’ve been able to determine. All the really vicious ones belong to the Unseelie court. So I’m guessing we’re dealing with some sort of Unseelie Fae.”
“Uh.” That was almost too much, even for me. I had to believe in vampires, but I couldn’t help picturing Tinker Bell flying around and sprinkling faerie dust on the people that had been killed. I snorted.
Obviously, Tad could tell I didn’t believe him.
“I’m serious. Read this.” He thrust an old book at me.


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