Saturday Snippets – Into The West

This is from my forthcoming young adult western time travel adventure Into the West.

“I’ll miss you Tina,” he whispered as his lips brushed hers.
She put her arm around his neck, and hugged him tight, increasing the pressure of his lips on hers. He tasted like the desert at sunset, salty and warm. Tina could have stayed there for hours, but she knew Rowe couldn’t. This had to be goodbye.
After a moment she reluctantly pulled away from him. She could feel tears well in her eyes. She didn’t want to cry in front of the cowboy, but a single tear fell from her eye.
He brushed his hand along her cheek wiping the moisture away before guiding his horse away from her. “Maybe we’ll meet again.” He winked and spun his mount, cantering away into the mouth of the canyon. He stopped once and waved, and then he was gone.

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