Saturday Snippets – Ghost Hunting Dog

Saturday Snippet time. This is from Elliot Goes Up Sheep Creek Without A Border Collie and my Brown, Ghost Hunting Dog collection.

Looking at me, the ghost laughed and met my eyes. “What, dog…”
Triumphantly, I snared his mind, struggling to hold him like I did any other ghost. This one was powerful and, while I had a lot of practice, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it for very long.
The wind died down around us, as the ghost struggled with me and I heard Elliott start shouting.
“Asa, I can’t hold him for long!” I barked as I stared at the ghost. My head ached as the ghost pushed against me. Soon, sharp pain split my skull.
“Brown, my turn!”
Trusting Asa, I broke eye contact and Asa took over. I wasn’t sure what went on, but they stared at each other, and he held the ghost.
Soon, Scoot took Asa’s place. Both were able to control the ghost, but not for as long as me.
Elliott shouted the incantation and we struggled to hold the ghost. Asa and Scoot were already exhausted, and my head ached, but it was my turn again and I took over.
The ghost’s mind felt more slippery and I had a hard time holding it. I tried, but Asa took over, just as I almost lost control.

Brown Ghost Hunting Dog


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