New Release, Brown Ghost Hunting Dog Collection

Brown Ghost Hunting Dog Createspace
Amazon – Coming soon (within a day or two).
ebook – Coming soon.

Have a ghost problem? Brown is the dog for the job. Normally used to herd sheep, her Border Collie Eye works on ghosts, too. Follow her adventures as she and her human, Elliott, hunt ghosts all over the old west. They find their first real ghost in a saloon in Miller, Colorado, and from there her nose leads her to more adventures.

Brown fights ghosts on trains, boats, and in old mines. She discovers that some ghosts are friendly when she and Elliott need extra help fighting a magical construct. There may be friendly ghosts, but there are no friendly Martians, and Brown has to take the ultimate adventure to save Elliott from their nefarious clutches, meeting new friends along the way.

Packed full of adventure, this weird western anthology contains seven short stories and one never before published novella.

Just in time for the holidays 🙂 Books make great gifts! Just sayin 🙂 Getting someone an ereader, preload some great reads… Want a stocking stuffer, this book would be happy to oblige.

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