Book Review – The Devil and Lillian Holmes by Ciar Cullen


Blurb: At the cusp of the twentieth century, an heiress-turned-vampire and her maker seek her stolen daughter and find themselves caught up in a world of darkness, danger, and mystery.

She had not been a good mortal, either. Half-broken by a terrible secret, Lillian Holmes retreated into a fantasy world where the great detective Sherlock was her uncle and she could solve any mystery. Except, she had not yet found her parents. She had not yet rescued her stolen daughter. She was addicted to morphine, was still broken. And now she was bound to blood and to the caresses of the beautiful monster who sought to change for her, who had literally changed her to save her life.

But for how long had George saved her? Lillian could feel safety and sanity slipping away. Devils prowled Baltimore. Some were allies, others lustful gluttons waiting to consume every last drop of goodness. Some came from far-off lands, mercurial, unknowable, unstoppable. Others lurked closer still—in the hearts of herself and her beloved.

The Devil and Lillian Holmes by Ciar Cullen is the third book in a series. If you haven’t read The Vampire and the Shop Girl and Lillian Holmes and the Leaping Man, you should. Right now. I’ll wait…

Caught up? Good. This review does contain some spoilers for the first two books but I don’t think it will reveal anything that isn’t on the back cover blurb already.

I really love this adult series. There’s something for just about everyone. Adventure, mystery, romance, some steampunk elements, vampires, what more could anyone want? Oh, right, a badass main character who manages to grow throughout the series and overcome huge obstacles and be her own woman in a time when women were still mostly identified by who they were married too.

In the first two books Lillian discovers that vampires do exist, that people she trusts are trying to kill her, and the value of true friendship. In this latest installment, Lillian and her lover and friends must confront an ancient evil vampire bent on destroying the peace that they’ve managed to create. She also begins the search for information about her lost child and her parents that she never knew. The answers shock her, but with help from others she manages to press on. As an added bonus, she gets to meet her real life hero.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes a good adventure, or mystery, or engaging characters, or, you know, steampunk and vampires. Go on, get your copy.

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