Book Review – Deceptions by Sean Hayden


Deceptions by Sean Hayden is the second book in the adult urban fantasy Demonkin series. If you haven’t read Origins, do so. Now. I’m waiting…

Ashlyn works for the FBI. She’s also a vampire. The only vampire who works for the FBI. She’s also got secrets of her own. She can only feed off of supernatural blood, so the humans are safe, but is the vampire she’s been tasked to guard?

When California elects the first vampire governor (it would have to be California) Ashlyn and her werelion partner are sent to guard him from those who want him dead. The question is, who exactly is it who wants him dead? And why are other powerful vampires being targeted.

Part mystery, part adventure, part romance, this adult urban fantasy has something for every vampire lover out there. Oh, and you know, werelions, demons, and other surprises. I loved the first book and I think the second was even better. It also hints at bigger problems in Ashlyn’s future and I can’t wait for the third to come out.

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