Review – Broken Promise by Jen Wylie

Broken Promises Amazon Broken Promise by Jen Wylie is the third book in the Broken Ones series. The first is Broken Aro and the second, Broken Prince. They aren’t intended to stand alone, so I suggest starting at the beginning.

Broken Promise takes up shortly after Broken Prince leaves off. Aro and her boys return to the friendly were pack to try to recoup after some very rough adventures. Kei is anxious to start freeing his people from their fury, but Aro needs to rest and recover. Reluctantly, after a less than warm welcome from the once friendly were, they head to the city for the winter. The prophecy says that they’ll be safe there.

Safety seems to be a relative thing were prophecies are concerned. Driven crazy by the confines of a city and the bits of prophecy rattling around in his brain, Kai begins to fracture mentally. After he’s taken, Aro runs into her own problems, namely murderous elves and dangerous allies. It seems the city isn’t as safe as the prophecy says. Can they make it through winter intact and ready to face the coming struggles in the spring? Read and find out.

I loved Broken Promise. The whole series is highly enjoyable and this book doesn’t disappoint. It’s full of action, adventure and a very sweet romance. The characters continue to develop and the mystery behind the world slowly starts to unfold. I highly recommend this series to fantasy lovers. The world is vibrant and the characters interesting and dynamic and the takes on elves and weres are fresh and interesting.

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