Cover Art, Six Guns Straight From Hell 2

I have a story in this anthology due out in early September! Our favorite ghost hunting canine hero is back again in Brown and the Lost Dutchman Mine.


Six Guns Straight From Hell 2
Edited by David B. Riley
Saddle up for a wild ride through the Old West You’ll find a wide variety of western horror and dark fantasy in these pages. One story skirts modern times as it tries to deal with ghosts of the Civil War. Another has an African tie­in to an Arizona adventure. There’s a haunted mine, complete with a very unusual ghost hunter. Need gunfights? We’ve got ‘em, including a gun battle with Joel Jenkins’ popular Native American gunfighter, Lone Crow. Also featuring stories from Kenneth W. Cain, J. A. Campbell, Vivian Caethe, Sam Knight, Kit Voker, Jason Andrew, Dakota Brown and David Boop.

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