GISHWHES – Misha and the Elopus

The GISHWHES challenge…write a 140 word story about Misha, an Elopus and the Queen of England. I wrote this for Alison Baumgartner. If this confuses you, google is your friend 🙂 Learn more, join the fun.

Misha and the awed royal court knelt before the regal Elopus, the Royal Scepter grasped in a tentacle, its trunk held high.
Though Misha couldn’t recall how the Elopus had gained the throne.
“Stop!” A mounted warrior, sword raised, galloped down the aisle. A crown glinted from her helm. “The throne is mine!”
The Elopus trumpeted and a voice whispered to stop the horse.
The warrior trampled politicians as she raced toward the usurper.
Yes, the Elopus was the usurper! Misha remembered; battle, the blood, the tentacles… He shied away from those memories.
The warrior swung as the Elopus grabbed the horse. She leapt, sinking the sword deep into the creature’s body. It writhed, nearly killing her in its death throes.
Misha scrambled, dragging her free.
“Your Majesty.” He knelt, hoping this time it was the real Queen of England.

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