Of The Blood Of Witches – Review


“Of The Blood Of Witches” by Devin O’Branagan



During World War II, British witch Vivian Eldon works with a network of witches to prevent a Nazi invasion. Assisted by intelligence officer Commander Ian Fleming—the future author of the James Bond novels—and flamboyant MI-5 astrologer Captain Louis de Wohl, the Eldon family becomes the magical force behind the Miracle of Dunkirk. Based on historical people and events, this thrilling tale of courage and forbidden love reveals the secret world of history’s unsung heroes. 

This novella, originally published in the Witch Hunt: Of The Blood anthology, is based on Devin O’Branagan’s bestselling paranormal thriller, Witch Hunt.

This novella originally appears in Devin’s anthology, Witch Hunt: Of The Blood. It tells the different stories of the witches and their families that first appear in her famous novel Witch Hunt. Originally published in the 1980’s (I believe) and recently updated and re-released by the author. I really enjoyed Witch Hunt, and the companion collection. This novella tells a fictional story about the Miracle of Dunkirk, a real event occurring in WWII. Many lives were saved because Hitler was suddenly and irrationally convinced he’d be sending his troops into a marsh. How did he receive this vision? In the real world, we’ll never know. In Devin’s rich and fantastic historical novella, a family of witches and their allies battle the elements, betrayal, loss and give their all to protect the country they love.

Well written and extremely compelling, with rich and diverse characters, this novella is sure to delight lovers of historical fiction, pagan lore, and anyone who loves a good tale. Highly recommended.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing my book! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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