Your Soul to Take – Book Review

YSTTYour Soul to Take by Sean Hayden.

You know your life sucks when your sister’s a vampire, you’re a demon, and your girlfriend is literally an angel.
How could it possibly be any worse? Try having something ripping the souls out of your friends, ending up with a psychotic stalker, and having romantic urges for your best friend who also happens to be your demon mentor. Nobody ever said life was easy, but things went from bad to worse faster than you can say, “I sold my soul for a bag of Cheetos.”
Just to add insult to injury, the Fallen have decided to give me a new job. While being a Reaper might sound good on a resume, ripping the souls from monsters isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure what the Fallen have planned for me. All I do know is if they don’t get my wildly powerful magic under control and teach me how to stay alive when everybody wants to kick my butt…all hell could break loose. Literally.

If you haven’t read the first book My Soul to Keep Do so, right now…Seriously, it’s great. The sequel is as good or better. Connor has started to come to grips with his new life as one of the Fallen. The not-evil demons who grant wishes, at the cost of your soul, and, well, do lots of other cool things too. He started human, he made the bargain, and then trying to outwit the Fallen, wished to become one himself. Unfortunately, he’s really powerful and they’re trying to figure out exactly what to do with him…and then he starts having girl problems. He’s happy with one, but all of a sudden one of the Chosen has taken interest in him too. And…well..all hell could break lose if he makes the wrong choice.

Sean’s wit and humor and talented writing all come through in this second installment of the Rise of the Fallen. I’d recommend this book for anyone who likes action, adventure, young adult novels, a touch of romance, and well…fun supernatural stories. The world is very interesting, and the premise is highly entertaining and you really do feel pretty bad for Connor when angels start throwing themselves at him. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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